Stage Combat teaching & Fight Direction

Christopher began his own training in stage combat in 1998, and has been a member of Fight Directors Canada ever since. He received his Advanced Actor/Combatant certification in 2007 , and has been a certified Instructor since 2009. He currently works as a Fight Director and stage combat teacher, and as an instructor at Rapier Wit, Canada’s only permanent school for stage combat. Along with co-teacher Louisa Zhu, he also created and teaches two Combat for Camera classes in the Acting for Media program at George Brown College.

He has trained in all 12 disciplines recognized by Fight Directors Canada, as well as having a working knowledge of armed and unarmed martial styles from around the world, from German longswords to Praying Mantis Kung Fu.

Rapier Wit Studios Intermediate class, Summer 2012

Christopher Mott is one of my top instructors as well as one of the first people I go to when a non union production needs a fight director or performer (note: I am now ACTRA, but non-Equity -Chris). His professionalism, easy manner, and open approach to the work makes his participation in any project a excellent asset. I frequently depend on Christopher to take on authority at Rapier Wit as I have complete confidence in his intelligence, creativity, and treating the studio as he would his own. I will continue to hire Christopher whenever the opportunity occurs and I would urge others to look to him as one of their best resources for stage and screen combat.

Daniel Levinson

Director of Rapier Wit Inc., Fight Master, past President of Fight Directors Canada

Meghan Quinn is suffocated by Raechele Lovell using a plastic bag in S-27 (Toronto Fringe, 2012)

I have worked with Chris as a teacher, fight director, and colleague, and I recommend him without hesitation. In addition to his professional knowledge of stage combat, Chris brings a deep passion and positivity to his work. It is always a pleasure to work with him and hear his suggestions, which are rooted in an actor’s understanding of the scene and fight director’s knowledge of technique. Hire him.

Melanie Hrymak

Actor, Playwright, Fight Choreographer

As fight director on Intersection Theatre’s S-27, Chris created choreography that was both chilling, and infused with the pleasure of story-telling. He led the fight direction to tell the story of the characters and their situation, and worked closely with myself and the actors to bring choreography, direction and acting into one smooth performance. He took care to understand the vision and context for the fight choreography and created a chilling murder scene onstage. He coached the actors, giving them confidence and a sense of security, and brought out the best choreography from their experience and abilities.

Yolanda Ferrato


Christopher was a wonderful addition to my classroom. He instantly made a connection with the students in my drama class and guided them through their fight choreography assignment. Christopher has the wonderful ability to create step-by-step instructions for students to help them understand the choreography, but also the safety aspects of working with a partner or group of individuals in a scene. My classroom has some English Language Learners, and Christopher was particularly patient with these students when explaining or re-explaining movements. He was also very knowledgeable about the acting business and provided insight and connections for the students about being an actor and choreographer in the acting field. I highly recommend Christopher for any class, and any age level.

Kevin Doe

Drama Teacher, Fieldstone Day School