Christopher began his acting career straight out of high school performing historically inspired improv at the Ontario Renaissance Festival, where he eventually became the assistant Fight Director and a member of the production team. His stage career has focused primarily on classical theatre and stage combat, and he has worked with several innovative companies in this area, including Dauntless City Theatre (site-specific non-traditional Shakespeare), Tempest Theatre (educational), The Rude Mechanials (swashbuckling comedy), and True Edge Productions (action & stunt theatre).

On camera, Christopher has appeared in over a dozen TV series, 25 commercials and several short films.

Prior to joining ACTRA, Christopher also worked extensively with the award-winning Decoder Ring Theatre- voicing the series lead in Black Jack Justice and numerous characters (including the fan favourite Mad Monkey) in The Red Panda Adventures.


Witness Box PP/Judge/Referee Witness Box Prod./Nic van der Spank
See No Evil II “Rick Chance” PP/Detective John Ferrin Saloon Media/Ian Clark
Surviving Evil III “The Perfect Target” PP/Michael Seibert Cineflix Produtions/Michelle Metivier
Handsome Devils “The Navy Seals Pastor” Actor/Sgt Scott Bartle Saloon Media/Fergus Colville
Hardcore Heroes “George Rowe Story” PP/George Rowe’s Dad DHH Productions/Michelle Metivier
Motives and Murder “Slattery Homicide” PP/Det. Richard Lincoln Cineflix Productions/P.J. Naworynski
Cold Blood “Philadelphia’s Night Stalker” PP/Yuval Bar-or Cineflix Productions/Marcus Valentin
In The Rough “Green Fees” Actor/Buck’s Sponsor Lifeforce Entertainment/J. Michael Dawson
Outlaw Bikers “Fallen Angels” PP/Det. Bradley Parker Bikers IV Productions/Harvey Crossland
Psychic Investigators III “Fatal Extraction” PP/Melissa’s Husband Next Film/Cineflix Productions/Stephen Scott
Urban Legends “Cigar Arson” Actor/Insurance Adjuster Next Film/Cineflix Productions/Srdjan Vilotjevic
F2: Forensic Factor “Forsaken” Actor/CBS Agent Exploration Productions/Tim Luke
Breaking & Entering PP/Burglar Helicopter Inc/Andrew Hull
SLAP Lead/God DK Films/Frieda Luk
Final 24 “Anna Nicole Smith” PP/Howard K.Stern Cineflix Productions/Chris Bould
Killer Bug Attacks Town Actor/Health Team #4 Firefly Productions/Jabin Sampson
Masterminds “Mission Impossible Burglar” Lead/Steven Krueger Red Apple Entertainment/James Hyslop
All That Is Hidden PP/Thomas Sadistic Idiot Productions/David Scott
Zero Hour “Saddam Hussein” Actor/Special Ops Cineflix Films/David Hickman


Two Gentlewomen of Verona Duke of Milan Dauntless City Theatre/Scott Moyle
The Winter’s Tale Camillo Leroy St. Theatre/Lauren Horejda
The Deliverance of Juliet and her Romeo Friar Lawrence Leroy St. Theatre/Harrison Thomas
The Comedy of Errors Aegeon Urban Bard/Scott Moyle
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Quince/Egeus Urban Bard/Scott Moyle
Twelfth Night Feste Urban Bard/Scott Moyle
King Lear Kent Hart House Theatre/Jeremy Hutton
Duel of Ages Errol Flynn/Wild Bill Hickock True Edge Productions/Gregg Taylor
The Trojan Women Talthybius Canopy Theatre Co/Andrea Wasserman
Macbeth MacDuff Tempest Theatre/Jon Llyr
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Shakespeare Marmaduke Tempest Theatre/Gregg Taylor
Much Ado About Nothing Claudio Ontario Renaissance Festival/Steven Arkle
As You Like It Jacques Ontario Renaissance Festival/Bev Nicholas
Dracula Van Helsing University of Guelph/Ann Wilson
Lion In The Streets Edward/George University of Guelph/Harry Lane
Possible Worlds Penfield/Guide For The Love Of Louis Theatre/Steven Arkle
Next Cheever University of Guelph/Michelle Crago
Jehanne Of The Witches Gilles de Rais University of Guelph/Ric Knowles
16/01/15-16 H&R Block (4 spots) PP/Dad Radke Films/Michael Clowater
15/10/18 PP Dad OPC/Ian Webb
15/08/20 Office Max PP Hand Sanitizer Guy OPC/Max Sherman
15/0807-15 Carnival Cruise Lines PP Waterworks Dad World War Seven/David Shafei
15/06/08 Family Channel Pixels PP Dad DHX Television/Sean O’Neill
14/11/24 Telus SOC Real Kids Dad The & Partnership/Aircastle
14/10/15 Swiss Chalet SOC Dad 123 West Communications/Sean McBride
14/06/05 George Brown College PP Hero Attest Productions/Bud Williamson
14/08/21 Toys ‘R Us SOC Telescope Man
14/05/09 Intact Insurance SOC Dad Suneeva/Finn O’Hara
13/05/29 Brantford Power SOC Dad Tivoli Films/Brent Hallman
09/10/28 Queensway Audi PP Client Phanta Media/Mark Drager
09/07/15 Spinmaster Toys SOC/Dad Buck Productions/Warren Sonoda
09/07/14 Spinmaster Toys SOC/State Trooper Treehouse North/Michael Patterson
09/06/28 Established PP/Man Five Strangers Films/Marc Morgenstern
08/11 Ashley Madison PP/Husband Five Strangers Films/Marc Morgenstern
08/7/24 Project Meat PP Captain Canada Mad Films/Neil Murchison
07/2/28 Bell Expressvu PP/Bob Bell Expressvu/Garry Murdock
07/10/29 City News Weather Promo PP New Husband Rogers/Mark Bandura
06/8/10 Responsble Alcohol Use PP/John Student Life/Stephen Wdowczyk
06/07/23 Showcase @ 10 PP/Husband Alliance Atlantis/Sandra Enns Arnell
06/6/15-17 Rum Runner SOC Suneeva/Mike Maguire
Black Jack Justice (72 episodes) Lead/Jack Justice Decoder Ring/Gregg Taylor
The Red Panda Adventures (32 episodes) PP/Various Decoder Ring/Gregg Taylor
Slick Bracer, P.I. (5 episodes) PP/Detective McGillicuty Decoder Ring/Gregg Taylor
Black Jack Justice (audiobook) Narrator/Jack Justice Decoder Ring/Gregg Taylor
A Real Chrismas Narrator/Dan Taylor Variant Frequencies/Rick Stringer
Commercial Audition Intensive David Switzer, Theresa Sears/Sears & Switzer
Commercial Auditioning/Improv Al Catlin
Commercial/TV/Film Auditioning Michael Caruana/Bongo Productions
FDC Fight Instructor Daniel Levinson/ Fight Directors Canada
FDC Certified Advanced Actor/Combatant Todd Campbell/Fight Directors Canada
PAL/Firearms Safety Alec V. Shipmand/Dan Levinson/Rapier Wit Studio
Movement/Stage Combat Tony Wolf/Rapier Wit Studio
Voice Ann Skinner/Stratford Academy
Text Janine Pearson/Stratford Academy
Movement Kelly McEvenue/Stratford Academy
Monologues, Scene Study, Mask, Shakespeare Judith Thompson/University of Guelph
Accents: British RP, Cockney, British North Country, Scottish, French
Performing Arts: Singing-Baritone (Folk/Rock), Bass Guitar
Stage Combat: Certified Actor Combatant Advanced, Certified Combatant Instructor (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced)
Sword Fighting (FDC Certified E), Martial Arts Unarmed/Eastern Weapons, Environmental Weapons
Stunts (Falls, Brawling, Fire, Rappelling)
Other: Driving (Auto/Truck/Van), Basketball, Horseback Riding (Western), Canoeing, Cycling, Bartending/Serving, Carpentry/Plumbing/Electrical